Practice Areas

Below you will find information about our areas of legal expertise. Please contact us if you have any questions at all.

Domestic Relations


Divorce is one of the most difficult experiences that anyone will go through in their life and it is often complicated by strong emotions, uncertainty and fear of the process. It is also more complicated than most people realize and has far reaching consequences that can affect your life for years to come.

We will assist you in taking the personal conflict and emotion out of the situation and allowing you to concentrate on what is really important, a fair dissolution of the marriage and the proper resolution of issues affecting your children. We will handle all matters with the other party and his or her attorney, allowing you to focus on getting your life in order while knowing that we are working hard for you to get a fair and equitable result.

Child Support

Whether you are looking to establish a support order, modify an existing order, or need to have an existing order enforced we are here to assist you. We are aggressive in our efforts to insure that a custodial parent receives the level of child support to which they are entitled under the law. In many cases where a non-custodial parent is failing to pay court ordered support, we are successful in getting the court to order the defaulting parent to reimburse you for your attorney fees for having the outstanding order enforced.

• Interstate Custody and Support

Interstate Custody and Child Support matters are areas of family law in which many attorneys do not practice. It is an area of law that is full of pitfalls for those unfamiliar with its intricacies. We are experienced in handling interstate child custody and child support matters. We will guide you through the complicated process of determining which state’s laws control your case and obtaining a new order, or modifying or enforcing an existing order.

• Paternity

If you are the parent of a child born outside of marriage, either the mother or father, we are available to assist you in establishing your legal rights to support, custody and visitation. We have handled paternity cases in most all counties throughout Massachusetts, as well as interstate cases.

• Adoption

Adopting a child can be one of life’s happiest and most gratifying experiences. Our office has handled adoptions in several counties in Massachusetts, both step-parent adoptions and adoptions. We will help ease your case through the legal system so you can relax and enjoy this wonderful event.

Criminal Law

When you are charged with a criminal offense it is very important that you get proper and competent legal advice as soon as possible.

Our office has experience in handling all types of criminal matters from misdemeanor offenses to felonies. In many cases immediate steps should be taken to ensure a proper defense and preserve or activate certain rights that may be available to you. Particularly, in operating under the influence cases, certain rights affecting your license are dependent on taking actions within very short time limits set by law. Failure to act within these time limits may result in your losing your license for longer than necessary.

Many times immediate investigation of a criminal case is necessary to preserve evidence and to identify and interview witnesses that may be crucial to the successful defense to the charges against you. We are prepared to review the charges against you and take whatever steps necessary to protect your legal rights.

Real Estate Law

The purchase of real estate whether for business or personal purposes is a complicated process. For many people the purchase of a parcel of real estate is the single most expensive transaction they will undertake in their lifetime. For many it is the dream of a lifetime.

Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the many potential pitfalls involved until they encounter one of them and come to the realization that their dream has become a legal nightmare. It is so very important that you consult with an attorney before you even sign an offer to purchase because, in most cases, that offer to purchase can bind you into completing the sale or purchase, despite the fact that you intended to put more terms into a purchase and sale agreement.

We are prepared to review all of the paperwork related to your transaction and give you the advice you need to make sure your risk is minimal and that you do not enter into a transaction you will regret.


Dealing with probate and inheritance issues can be difficult, particularly when it involves the loss of a loved one. We can help lift the burden of handling the estate, taxes, property distribution, and other matters affected by the death, including will contests.

Personal Injury

We handle all personal injury matters, including motor vehicle accidents, slips, falls, premises liability, dog bites, construction site injuries and worker’s compensation cases. The settlements achieved for our clients are consistently equal to, or above the average settlements and judgments in our area.

Collection Matters

We represent many small to medium size businesses in our area in contract and collection matters. We aggressively pursue amounts owed to your business and ensure that the terms of contracts you enter into are fair, advantageous to your business and adhered to by the other party. We make every attempt to resolve the matter outside of litigation, but will not hesitate to take appropriate legal action when necessary to protect your interests and recover amounts owed to your business.